In just about two weeks, the curtain will rise on the Bootless stage for opening night of our March production of Venus in Fur.  A story of love and sex, dominance, power, and relationships – Venus in Fur is a seductive and unique theater experience sure to provoke discussion and entertain audiences.

At Bootless, in addition to bringing unconventional theater to the area, we’re in the business of supporting emerging artists, many who go on to pursue professional acting careers in NYC, LA, and all across the country.  Gladly, these actors sometimes find their way back to us.  Sean Gallagher – a Bootless alum and actor based in NYC – returns for Venus in Fur in just a few short weeks.  Keep reading to see what he has to say about his role in Venus in Fur and his love for the Bootless family.

 What was your first show with Bootless? Talk to me a little about that experience.

“My first show with Bootless was the farce by William Van Zandt and Jane Milmore, Love, Sex, and I.R.S. It was one of my first shows ever so I’m not sure what I was doing up there, but Roseanne and the cast were great and helped tremendously. Love, Sex, and the I.R.S. was a fun comedy with a Mrs. Doubtfire/Bosom Buddies style with me running around in drag at times.  Jimmy, Roseanne, and myself, also worked on another comedy, Jack vs. Jill, which was apart of a one act festival with Jimmy and myself playing lawyers. We had a lot of trust at this point and we had fun playing with the jury, who were audience members on stage, and passing funny notes to each other while cross examining witnesses. Bootless was a great spring board for me as an actor and its great to be back!”

Recently, you’ve been working in New York and won several awards in the Strawberry One Act Festival, right?

“Yes.. I teamed up with my good friend, Kee Seymore, to write the one act, we cast our friends, and produced Hearts Gamble.  It’s the story of a man getting married and his best friend confronting him over a poker game during their last guy’s night before the wedding. As cards are dealt, secrets surface, and conflicts arise.  I directed it as well as playing, Jake, the best man. We were grateful to win Best Play with me winning Best Actor and being nominated for Best Director. Since then, Hearts Gamble was turned into a short film being produced by Age Quad Agis LLC and we were once again humbled to gain some attention in festivals all over the country. The short film was the Manhattan Film Festival Best Screenplay Winner and the Las Vegas Best Short Film Winner. We have taken this team and created a TV pilot called, Among Brothers, which is currently being shopped!”

Describe your character in Venus in Fur.

“I play Thomas Novachek who is the writer/adapter and director of the play in the show. Thomas is frustrated, at the end of his rope, and desperately needs his play to be a success. That success greatly depends on finding the perfect female lead which may or may not be Vanda. Thomas is a domineering man who has dark repressed desires that arise throughout his encounter with Vanda.”

What excites you most about this project?

“It’s the battle of the sexes! It’s the unavoidable game men and women play when both want something from the other. It’s the ultimate battle of power. This play is Thunderdome Theatre. Two people enter. One person leaves.”

Why do you think audiences will enjoy Venus in Fur?

“It’s funny, sexy, dark, smart, and dangerous. We explore the sexy dark desires that everyone has but can’t play out in life. It’s a relate-able play that speaks to the idea of doing more than just being alive but really living the life you want to experience. ”

Venus in Fur runs March 13 through March 22.  For more information on special tie-in events including a discussion about men, women, and sex led by Timaree Schmit, Ph.D. – Sexuality Educator, Columnist & Podcaster click HERE.

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