Volunteers are the heart of Bootless Stageworks.  Without volunteers, we would be unable to operate.  We love when people offer their time and talent to complete the multitude of tasks required to run a theater and stage productions. Meet new people, learn about the theater from the inside, lend your talents or find a hidden talent.  It all starts with a simple  e-mail to contactus@bootless.org.


COSTUMES – Individuals who can sew, mend or just know how to thread a needle.  Assignments are based on your knowledge, experience and comfort level.  You’ll never be left to figure it out on your own.  Some productions require construction of up to 30 or more costumes – so we need all the helping hands we can get.  Not experienced, that’s alright.  We’ll teach you the basics and get you set for creating your very first costume.

DRESSERS – Individuals who can assist performers with costume changes.  No experience necessary.  If you can dress yourself, you can handle this job.  You do not have to be available for all performances, give us whatever time you can.

PROPERTIES – Individuals who can collect and/or construct items to be used as props in shows.  Also need individuals who can take responsibility for props prior, during and after shows.  If you can tell the difference between a spoon and a rifle and can hand something to an actor or get it on stage, you can do this job.

SET CONSTRUCTION – Individuals with basic construction knowledge preferred.  However, first-timers are welcome to join in and learn with hands-on opportunities.  Assignments are based on your experience and comfort level.  If you can use a screw driver, drill, saw, or, just know what a hammer looks like, you’re qualified.

SET PAINTERS – Individuals needed to paint backdrops or set pieces.  Nothing fancy.  If you know how to use a paintbrush, you’re hired.

FRONT OF HOUSE OPPORTUNITIES – Includes Box Office, Ushers and Refreshments.  Not only will you be helping Bootless with a very necessary task, you’ll see shows for free!!

BOARD MEMBER RECRUITMENT –  Looking for a place at the table? Want to make a difference in a non-profit setting that you’re passionate about? Inquire about joining our Board of Directors.  Board meetings are held on Saturday mornings, no more than 6 times per year, in addition to an annual retreat day. Board Members are non-paid volunteers. Members with knowledge of finance, development and fundraising are especially needed.  If interested, send an email to president@bootless.org.