ed3Prepare. Defend. Survive.

When tackling Candarian Daemon – colloquially known as a “Deadite” – it’s a smart idea to know what you’re up against. Not all demons come at you in the same way: we here at Bootless Stageworks have narrowed down our classifications to these basic types to better ensure the species’ survival.

The Slut

 Not the brightest bulb in the Home Depot, this Deadite is easy pickings. Identifying a Slut, pre-transformation, can be difficult, but most common occurrences stem from bars, dance clubs, and your best friend’s bedroom. Key visuals tend to be neon colors, exposed midriff, and tattoos on the lower back. While highly visible at night, most camouflage in sweatpants and shirts during daylight hours.

Notorious for being a stage-5 clinger while alive, the Slut mimics this pattern in death – often times hunting down her last partner before engaging in a killing spree. Due to their impressively high heels, most can never achieve more than a slow shamble.

How to Take Them Down

Give them weapons. No. Seriously. Sluts will, nine times out of ten, take care of themselves. Give them your guns, your machetes, your flame throwers – and let them take care of the rest. You’ll have one dead Deadite in no time.


The Bit Part Demon

Despite hearsay to the contrary, these Deadites do exist! Though rarely seen (and never heard), Bit Part Demons tend to be “filler,” often time compromising 80% of Deadite flocks. They’re one hit wonders that go down easy, often with a single shot, acting as shields for the more powerful members of the group.

Bit Parts, pre-rigor mortis, are in abundance. Usually male, their human counterparts tend to fall into mild mannered jobs that often require them to be subjected to grade-school bullying under the guise of office banter.  They’re Steve in Accounting, Paul down the hall, or George who always has tuna salad for lunch.

Keep on the lookout for sweater vests and khakis in your peripherals at all times.

How to Take Them Down

Calm, frank discussion will definitely slow them down. Firsthand accounts also indicate a soothing cup of chamomile can have a similar effect, but this is still disputed by many in the scientific community. While in this mellow state, Bit Parts are susceptible to most forms of weaponry. And, as always, verbal abuse.