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Samantha McNerney (Sleeping Beauty)  Alicia Alaimo (Cinderella)  Meg Falasco (Snow White)








Alicia Alaimo (Liz), Shaun Yates (Shaun), Meg Falasco (Diane),
Kevin Austra (David), 
Shawn D. Kline (Ed) – You’ve Got Red On You





Shannon Harkins (Natalie), Tara Herweg (Diana), Michael Sheldon (Dan)

Next to Normal





Kelly Warne (Vanda) and Sean Gallagher (Thomas)



Spring Awakening






Sean Close (Katurian)  – The Pillowman



THREE SHOWS ONLY  –  APRIL 26 @ 8PM  /  APRIL 27 @ 8 PM   /   APRIL 28 @ 3 PM



ONE NIGHT ONLY!!  MAY 16, 2019!!




“…well worth your time to go see Bootless Stageworks’ productions.” “…really wonderful singing, acting, pit, blocking….” “…power, poignant and very moving.”


“Working with Bootless was a dream. I can’t thank Bootless enough for giving me the best role I’ve ever had the chance to play in my career thus far.” – Kelly Warne (Vanda) Venus in Fur

One thing’s for sure, Bootless Stageworks can never be accused of performing standard theatre fare. Chris Lanning

STAGE Magazine

Venus in Fur will make your head spin. Kevin Smith

Broadway World Delaware

Hearing beautiful singing voices use extremely profane language is a big part of the show’s appeal — it’s a juxtaposition that never fails to entertain. Holly Quinn

Delaware Arts Info

Mashup of Shakespeare and James Cameron is bloody brilliant! John Muller

STAGE Magazine

Overlooked Stories: Body & Sold at Bootless Stageworks

Some American societal issues benefit from being out in the spotlight. They might receive aid, political assistance, or public support thanks to this status. Yet, other, marginalized, stories may be less fortunate. Enter Bootless Stageworks’ production of Body & Sold, a play written by Deborah Lake Fortson, which highlights, underscores, and shouts-from-the-rooftops the struggles and trauma faced by children and teens who have been forced into commercial sex trafficking. Using dialogue pulled directly from interviews with survivors, Fortson demonstrates the hard truth: that these stories are happening in America. Body & Sold collected the stories of several survivors who recount the ordeals they experienced as part of the sex trafficking industry. Many of the narratives shown in this work begin where you’d expect human trafficking would: sexual abuse from a family member, LGBTQ, challenged home life, or some other form of trauma. What this work does is also highlight the unpredictable starting circumstances, like the average runaway or abused significant other. Just think, over 100,000 young Americans run away from home every year.  Within 48 hours of being on the street these teens may be approached by a man posing as a friend, offering food, shelter, and love.  Most of the time, he will turn out to be a pimp and sell the young person for commercial sex. “It made me think about how easily this could have happened to me,” says Alicia Alaimo, who portrays Dora in the production. “In college, I would walk to my apartment by myself at night all the time. Someone could have easily lured me away and anything could have happened.” While this... read more

Historical Context & Contemporary Issues: Spring Awakening at Bootless Stageworks

In a short period of time, Broadway has seen the premier and revival of the important piece of theatre known as Spring Awakening – and now it’s coming to Bootless Stageworks. The show follows pubescent teenagers as they begin to question what it means to be an adult: handling subjects such as sexual abuse, homosexual relationships, suicide, and many others. For this challenging piece of theatre, Bootless Stageworks has brought in Justin Walsh, along with several new artists, to work through the demanding script and score Spring Awakening is a show with its feet planted firmly in historical context and contemporary issues. Based on a play of the same name written in 1890, it’s amazing to see how the issues present in the 19th century have transferred to the new millennium: while costumes and dialect of the characters firmly root this piece in its time period, the struggles undergone are current hot-button subjects of debate. Directors, including Walsh, have constantly been finding new parts of the text to highlight since the musical’s debut in 2006. Issues have vanished from the public sphere only to resurface and be incorporated into the musical’s consciousness: tackling topics from blossoming sexuality to the politics surrounding the deaf community and more. Walsh, in Bootless’s upcoming production of Spring Awakening, aims to bring the issues of communication, oppression, and xenophobia to the forefront – making them accessible for audiences to engage with. “I love dark shows,” says Walsh, as the male cast begins to drill Latin in the background with the music director, James Fuerst. “I always say with dark shows – I approach them... read more

The Doctor Will See You Now

While Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis can be toted as visionaries of their age, the two barely had a fleeting chance to meet during their respective primes. With little time to debate, two of the greatest philosophical minds  get their delayed chance at discourse this coming weekend at Bootless Stageworks. Freud’s Last Session centers on a hypothetical meeting between legendary psychoanalyst, Dr. Sigmund Freud, and a young, rising Oxford Don, C.S. Lewis, to Frued’s home in London eve of World War II. Freud and Lewis clash about love, sex, the existence of God, and the meaning of life, just weeks before Freud took his own life. Jim Ludovici, who portrays Freud, is privy to an intimate look in the life of the father of psycho-analysis, having earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy and a masters in family therapy. His education acts as a firm foundation for the demanding role—one the presented a new and interesting challenges for the veteran of over 80 stage productions. “When Rosanne [DellAversano] first mentioned that she was thinking of using me for this play, I wasn’t sure which character she had in mind,” states Ludovici.  “I am almost exactly half-way in age between the historical Freud and Lewis in 1939, actually a couple years closer to Lewis’s age. I had never played a significantly older character. Much of my work for this show has involved embodying a physically older, terminally ill man—albeit one who is still mentally as sharp as ever.” But what of the men? Especially at this time in their careers. Set in 1939, Lewis was beginning to enter the prime era of... read more