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MAY 5  –  MAY 19



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(Ryan Mulholland, Jennie Knackstedt, KC VonCamper)

Sean Close (Katurian)  – The Pillowman

Robert Bove (Jerry Springer) and Michael Popovsky (Satan) – Jerry Springer, The Opera

Ryan PJ Mulholland (Ash), Karina Balfour (Linda), Justin Walsh (Scott), Colleen McGinnis (Cheryl), Meg Falasco (Shelly) – Evil Dead, The Musical
Rosanne DellAversano (Abby), Michael Gamache (Jitters), Elizabeth Holmes (June), Mark Dixon (Billy) – The Musical of Musicals, The Musical

“…well worth your time to go see Bootless Stageworks’ productions.” “…really wonderful singing, acting, pit, blocking….” “…power, poignant and very moving.”


“Working with Bootless was a dream. I can’t thank Bootless enough for giving me the best role I’ve ever had the chance to play in my career thus far.” – Kelly Warne (Vanda) Venus in Fur


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Saturday January 6, 2018 @ 8:30 PM

One thing’s for sure, Bootless Stageworks can never be accused of performing standard theatre fare. Chris Lanning

STAGE Magazine

Venus in Fur will make your head spin. Kevin Smith

Broadway World Delaware

Hearing beautiful singing voices use extremely profane language is a big part of the show’s appeal — it’s a juxtaposition that never fails to entertain. Holly Quinn

Delaware Arts Info

Mashup of Shakespeare and James Cameron is bloody brilliant! John Muller

STAGE Magazine

The Doctor Will See You Now

While Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis can be toted as visionaries of their age, the two barely had a fleeting chance to meet during their respective primes. With little time to debate, two of the greatest philosophical minds  get their delayed chance at discourse this... read more
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