Every Time A Bell Rings… a Bootless original adaptation

An original adaptation of the classic movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, and the short story the movie was based upon, The Greatest Gift.

George Pratt stands at the edge of a bridge contemplating the importance of his life. Maybe he shouldn’t have been born at all. Perhaps with a bit of help from a friendly stranger, George will learn just how crucial his life really is. Bootless proudly presents a stage reading of this new work following all COVID-19 requirements for both Audiences and Artists.

The premiere stage reading will be recorded at Bootless on December 13th. Make a donation of $15 or more to unlock the code to watch the event on our YouTube channel.

Run Time: 85 Minutes

CAST: Shaun Yates (George), Bethany Miller (Mary), Mark Dxon (Casey/Others), Heather Ferrel (Billie/Violet/Others), Steve Connor (Gower/Potter/Others), Shamma Casson (Matilda/Bert/Others/Foley).

Artwork by Ben Oliver Deane (@bendeaneart)