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Shannon Harkins (Natalie), Tara Herweg (Diana), Michael Sheldon (Dan)

Next to Normal

Kelly Warne (Vanda) and Sean Gallagher (Thomas)



Spring Awakening

Sean Close (Katurian)  – The Pillowman

Shaun Yates (Shaun) with Splatter Zone Audience Members – You’ve Got Red On You

Rosanne DellAversano (Abby), Michael Gamache (Jitters), Elizabeth Holmes (June), Mark Dixon (Billy) – The Musical of Musicals, The Musical

“…well worth your time to go see Bootless Stageworks’ productions.” “…really wonderful singing, acting, pit, blocking….” “…power, poignant and very moving.”


“Working with Bootless was a dream. I can’t thank Bootless enough for giving me the best role I’ve ever had the chance to play in my career thus far.” – Kelly Warne (Vanda) Venus in Fur








One thing’s for sure, Bootless Stageworks can never be accused of performing standard theatre fare. Chris Lanning

STAGE Magazine

Venus in Fur will make your head spin. Kevin Smith

Broadway World Delaware

Hearing beautiful singing voices use extremely profane language is a big part of the show’s appeal — it’s a juxtaposition that never fails to entertain. Holly Quinn

Delaware Arts Info

Mashup of Shakespeare and James Cameron is bloody brilliant! John Muller

STAGE Magazine

An Intimate Re-staging of “The Light in the Piazza”

With Bootless’s 2015-2016 season well underway, the focus shifts from a galaxy far, far away to a more understated setting that utilizes the black box feel of our new home at St. Stephen’s Church. On a summer vacation, Margaret Johnson and her daughter, Clara, enjoy touring the Tuscan countryside. One day while sightseeing, Clara’s hat mystically lands at the feet of Fabrizio Naccarelli, a handsome Florentine. This brief episode, charged with coincidence and fate, sparks an immediate and intense romance between the two young lovers. With this current production, the entire musical is being re-staged in a chamber opera format, providing patrons a more intimate realization of the, now classic, characters. The dynamic shift in the style also persists in the characters, with Margaret’s becoming the focus of the drma, and her own trials and tribulations regarding her daughter’s disability, coming more sharply into focus. “There has to be a child-like fragility and sense about her,” says Kimberly Christie who is performing as Clara, “but still have qualities of a maturing woman. Though she is stunted, she is still very perceptive of the world around her, even if she can’t understand everything, and she is still capable of desire, passion and love. The doctors said that she would have the mind of a child for the rest of her life, but maybe she has grown up more than Margaret gives her credit for. My challenge will be finding a balance between child and woman, which is where Clara exists.” The time frame of the piece will also undergo some reimagining: the events of Clara and Fabrizio now take place... read more

In a Galaxy in Wilmington…

Not so long ago, in a theater five minutes away, the first production of Star Wars: a New Musical Hope made its debut into the Wilmington theater scene. The galaxy might have relocated to St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church, but the family friendly thrills and spills of the first go-around of the unofficial-parody musical have only grown to Jabba the Hut like proportions since its premiere in 2012. Returning this time around are Shaun Yates and Ryan Mulholland in their roles of Obi-wan Kenobi and Han Solo. The familiar characters get a wacky spin for the satirical performance. “I’m really enjoying working with the returning crowd. It’s a bit of a reunion for most of us. The new cast members bring an exciting fresh energy to the show and it gives us an opportunity to breathe new life into this work,” states Mulholland. “New songs, new choreography, new scenery and actors… this is an entirely new show. Even R2-D2 is new! The heart of the show remains the same, but fans can look forward to seeing an updated version with new characters and situations.” Fans of the Star Wars trilogy needn’t look too far for their favorite characters: Luke, Leia, Vader, and the whole motley crew are present in all their musical glory. Those new to the production can look forward to hearing the iconic lines popularized by the original films, as well as the original narrative they fell in love with. But, that’s where the similarities end. “I am trying to draw as much of the basics of Obi-Wan as I can—some of his character aspects remain in their... read more

Know Your Deadite (Pt. 2)

The Girlfriend Seemingly harmless at first, the Girlfriend can be one of the most dangerous Deadites you can encounter. In life, these monstrosities can be your strongest ally: loyal, clear-thinkers with a good eye for an escape plan. If these creatures aren’t spouting off how they want to bathe in your hot, bubbling blood, they’re a nice asset to have around. While their physical prowess and agility are nothing to trifle with, personal connections to these horrendous demons from hell are usually a survivor’s downfall. Probably the smartest of the Deadites, Girlfriends are known to tug on the heartstrings of unsuspecting victims to manipulate them into doing their bidding – before biting into their flesh. How To Take Them Down No lies, these Deadites might be the end of you. To make sure you have a fighting chance, you’re going to need to keep your wits about you. No mad fits here! Weapons are always a bonus. REMEMBER! Girlfriends are usually close contact fighters – they’ve gotten in close before, they’ll do it again – making melee weapons a prime choice. Of course, a chainsaw is perfect for any occasion.   The Hillbilly Do NOT rely on these demon spawn. Often enough, survival teams will have at least on Hillybilly among them. They often adhere themselves to groups by providing keen knowledge of local geography, weapons handling, and can carry a tune 9 times out 10. Tempting as these traits may seem, the demons of the overall wearing variety are prone to dissent, and have sent more than one group prematurely to their doom. Hillbillies have brute force on... read more